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Best Vehicles for Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is an excited online game that progress using various kinds of vehicles. These vehicles along with their usage and some advice are provided below.

  • Motocross Bike 75,000 – Should you find enjoyment in doing flips and jumps, this vehicle is the best for you. However, it is difficult to control and can be wrecked easily.
  • Quad Bike 175,000 – This is the vehicle with features closely similar to that of the Motocross Bike, but much better in all its parts or aspects.
  • Jeep – Such vehicle is typically discarded when you are in certain area that allows you to collect many coins. Here, it is suggested that you purchase the Monster Truck.
  • Tourist Bus 20,000 – The vehicle does not have very good acceleration and it guzzles gas.
  • Tank 1,000,000 – Do everything you want in your drive and go anywhere you want to with this vehicle. It actually skips most of the cost-effective rides.
  • Dune Buggy 800,000 – Money makers’ best suspension is included in the primary parts of this vehicle.
  • Tractor 100,000- This is a lesser vehicle when compared to the Monster Truck as it runs slow and has climbing difficulty up big hills.
  • Super Diesel 4×4 500,000 – The vehicle is good that allows you to purchase an uber Tank with your 500,000 credit.
  • Snow Mobile 1,000,000 – This vehicle is a great choice for drive tricks as it runs very fast and with great snow stage traction.
  • Rally Car 750,000 – The tank is the only car that has the capability to beat for traction.

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