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Unlimited Money/Coin Cheat

This cheat is specifically designed for Android devices. The cheat requires tools including GameCIH, Rooted Android device and Hill Climb Racing Game installed in Android device. Follow the instructions below for proper execution of the cheat:

  • Open GameCIH and close it leaving the toolbar open.
  • Open and run Hill Climb Racing Game.
  • Expand the GameCIH toolbar, tapping the magnifying glass icon to do a search, while running the game and then earn some money/coins.
  • Tap the input number, insert the current value of money, and press OK.
  • Over a hundred research results will be shown. Look for the 4-bytes data through one by one research.
  • Modify the current value to your preferred value.
  • End the game so that the cheat will properly work.
  • Your money will be changed to your modified value.

In the instance your first try failed, try once again and earn more money or coins. Trial and error is a necessity in this cheat considering that it does not always work on its first trial. Finding the working value of the current money/coin is also imperative. Collecting a minimum of 7000 coins is highly recommended before starting this cheat.

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